Kim Augusta



294 Walnut St. Newton, MA 02144 USA

Phone: (617) 285-3216

Kim Augusta


294 Walnut St.

Newton, MA 02144 USA

Phone - (617) 285-3216


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Selling Real Estate runs in my family. My Dad had his own office while I was growing up, and my sister, a well-reputed Boston Realtor, mentored me when I caught the bug and got my RE license in 2003. I quickly developed my own team of varied professionals who all take part in a successful Real Estate transaction. Despite the excellence and convenience of new technology, paperless exchanges, and the Virtual Tour, the emotions and fears of buying or selling a home are TIMELESS. I appreciate and respect the unique journey each client takes and make every effort to ensure as smooth a ride as possible. I have developed life-long friendships as a direct result of being a Realtor and habitually jumping into the trenches with my clients. I will care for you and your family as if you were my own.

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Kim Augusta
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